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    The working environment in Yucheng is a combination of tradition and modernization. Yuchengers have good working attitude and healthy leisure life. The salary payment is never delayed and we care about the culture life of our staff. We have built up “Home for Yuchengers”, which provides them the opportunity to do sports and relax. It is equipped with the facilities for sport items such as ping-pong, badminton, basketball and football. In addition, we often organize activities for our staff such as parties, trips, sport meetings and shows.

    Yuchengers never confine themselves in their own circles. They highlight the communication with others. They have been pursuing the cooperation with other partners and have opened up a bright future together.

    We believe that no matter how the market and time change, we will continue our cooperation and communication with other partners as we always do. Thanks to our cooperation, our development will be firmly supported. Thanks to our persistence and perseverance, we will enter a path of bright and beauty.